Language Challenge Exams

Are you already fluent in an additional language and interested in gaining secondary school level credit for it?  Delta School District’s Continuing Education branch offers Language Challenge exams in the following languages:

French 11/12
Japanese 11/12
Korean 11/12
Mandarin (simplified) 11/12
Mandarin (traditional) 11/12
Punjabi 11/12
Spanish 11/12

The purpose of Challenge is to permit students who have already acquired the appropriate learning elsewhere to obtain credit for a Grade 11 or 12 course. Students who request the opportunity to challenge a course must be able to give compelling evidence that they will succeed in the challenge and that it is in their best interests. A successful challenge results in a student receiving credit for the appropriate content as well as a school mark.

The deadline for applications to the 2023/2024 Language Challenge Exams is NOVEMBER 3, 2023.

For more information or application for future exams, please contact your school’s counselling department or visit this site.